5 Effective Ways To Promote Your Books On Social Media

In this digital world where everything is possible on social media, it is not surprising when you think about promoting your book on social media. Writing a good book is a whole process and promoting it in an effective way is a whole new thing that you might never know about. So, when you are planning to promote your book on social media don’t forget to implement these effective ways to increase number of readers for your books:

1) Write A Good Caption

The first thing to keep in mind while promoting the book on social media is that you have to think about good captions. Be quirky and witty while thinking about captions for promoting a book on social media. The caption can also contain some mysterious lines from the book or some hints that make readers curious to read your book. This is one of the best effective ways to promote your new books as well as past books on social media.

2) Plan Giveaways

Social media is a place that people all around the world use as a medium of entertainment and knowledge. So, if you are planning to promote your books on social media make sure to promote in a knowledgeable way by planning international and domestic giveaways for the readers. People will love getting knowledge about your book before spending their money on it. Plan a giveaway once in a while so people can know about your book and talk about it in surroundings.

3) Talk About Chapters

When you are promoting your books on social media you can’t reveal something that has a giveaway ending but you can talk briefly about the chapters in your books. Which chapters might have twists and turns or which chapters might create a great impact on the reader’s mind. You can talk about chapters like this. This will increase your followers because readers will get curious about knowing what is inside the books before its release.

4) Use Trending Hashtags

In this digital world it has become a routine to keep up with everyday trends. Especially social media trends. So, if you are planning to promote your books on social media then make sure to use hashtags that are trending worldwide and especially among the readers. This will help you in slipping up in people’s feeds no matter if they are following you or not on social media.

5) Talk About Process Of Writing

Everyone is interested in some personal information like for whom, with whom and why did you write your books. Everyone loves knowing about how you started writing a book and came up with interesting plots because at some point all of us like to write something that helps someone out of a bad situation. So, while promoting your books on social media, talk about why you wrote the book and how you came up with plots and characters. Letting people know about your process of writing a book will let you know the likes and dislikes of the people.

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