5 Hacks To Keep In Mind While Writing A Book As A Beginner

From writing a poem to writing a book every writer has his/her share of struggle for writing a book. Especially, when you are a beginner in terms of writing a book. From plots to designing book covers, every writer goes through the struggle of thinking that what they are writing is not good enough. Therefore, we are here with some hacks that will help you in tackling distraction while writing a book. Read on to know more:

1) Start Penning First

Whenever you are starting to write a book you will have lots of thoughts that will distract you and make you nervous before you pen down the words. So, the minute you think about words and lines that fits to your storyline of the book then start penning down those words because once you forget the words then there is no going back. Besides, even if you think about random words for a story then write it down somewhere. This will help you in writing a book that has natural thoughts.

2) Let Your Imagination Flow

Imagination is a key to writing a good book. People who can imagine are halfway through the path of being a writer. Whenever you are planning to write a book you need to let you imagination flow into words without limitations. You need to imagine each and every scenario of the book like you are present in the story itself. This will help you in creating great stories and better books.

3) Think About Characters & Names

Writing a book isn’t an easy task but when you think about characters you will feel like you are connected to them. You have to start thinking about characters that make an impactful personality in the reader’s mind. From their appearance to their attitude every character in the book is a core part. Moreover, naming the characters is as important as writing about them. Names are the portrayal of a character’s personality. So, it is important to think about a character’s name that matches his/her personality.

4) Add Some Mysteries

Mysteries make the perfect stories. In terms of writing a book, adding mysteries in the middle of the book will create a curiosity in the reader’s mind. This will make your book more interesting. No matter if you are a beginner or professional for writing a book , if you include some mysteries in it then it will definitely gain attention from the readers.

5) Think About Ending

You might have heard many authors saying that they had planned the ending first before they thought about the beginning of the book. Well, planning an ending is as important as thinking about the story at the beginning. Whenever you are starting to write a book your stories and chapters inside should include all bits and pieces of writing. Every book has an ending that is mysterious yet creates curiosity in the reader’s mind. So, the final step in the process of writing a book is you need to plan the ending carefully. It should satisfy the readers. Hence, you have to put yourself in the reader’s shoes while writing the ending of the book.

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