5 Reasons On Why You Should Believe In God

Since our childhood our guardians/elders taught us to pray. “Kneel in front of the creator of the universe and you will never be unguarded.” You might have heard this line, right? But did you know why your elders taught you to pray? Why does everyone believe in God even though there is no proof of His existence? Well, it’s a long debate. But to make it short there are some reasons because of which everyone believes in the Lord. Scroll down to know more about these reasons:

1) For Better Living

Life is like a rollercoaster, the minute you start having bad days you might start giving up. So, for better living you need a holding hand that will guide you through all of your dark times and help you in making things better. Believing in God will help you in maintaining better living even in tough times. This is the first and most important reason why people believe in God.

2) For Seeing Ray Of Hope

You might have heard that small voice in the back of your head, telling you to give up, just give up on life and leave the world but that voice is a monster that God helps you in fighting. God gives you a ray of hope to tackle that monstrous voices that tell you to give up and be weak. When God gives us a ray of hope there is nothing that can speak loudly then His voice.

3) Maintaining Good Attitude

You might have a bad day and you might start being grumpy throughout the whole day. This is called human nature. Your bad days bring out a person that never lets you be at peace but when you start believing in God, you will feel like nobody can tackle your calmness and good attitude. God makes you a good person because He knows you are his child and you have a good heart given by Him.

4) To Tackle Sorrows

We all are made with our sorrows and past. Our past, whether it is good or bad, makes our present self. Our sorrows make us strong and give us courage to go through life. But we all need a helping hand to guide us out of our sorrows. We need God to give us strength to go through our sorrows. So believing in God will only help you in tackling sorrows. That makes another reason why God is our source of comfort.

5) For Guidance

When you are in a pit and searching for a bright light that will guide you through your path you will need help from God to guide you like a torch in darkness. People believe in God because they need guidance to find answers to life, to find the path to their dreams and to help them in coming out of the pit that has never seen a ray of light. If you believe in God, you will happily find answers and guidance that you might never find.

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