SGSH  Publication is one of the leading entities amongst the publishers. It is an association of a number of researchers, scholars who verified a list of Journals articles, e-books, newsletters, anthologies and provide innovative writing on the related numerous topic. 

We are distributors and Subscription authority of publications that have different types of peer reviewed articles which publishes high-quality content of e-books, daily events and provide well-versed content at one stop. We make your wonderful literary creations available on all major eCommerce platforms in India, such as Amazon.in, Flipkart etc. We as a team one of the finest publications working with the enthusiast people committed towards their duty with time-bound commitments. They even go out of the box to help the writers and Co-authors to make things easy and possible to achieve. 

We are pledged to publish high-caliber writings of e-books and anthologies at the lowest possible cost. This makes SGSH publications the first choice for any author who wants to try out solo book publishing. The quality of perks that we have provided with the books is astounding.  If “you dream it we will make it”. And that’s what we focused on.

SGSH Publication! as we all know that we are an emerging publication growing day by day & we are getting huge appreciation from the lots of people who experienced our professional work as a solo book publisher.

We have done many projects for e-publishers and solo book authors and now we are looking forward to reach out to more people who are in need of book publishing for their original content. We care that’s why we are here, we meet all the requirements and you can simply say that we are a one-stop solution.

Currently, SGSH Publication successfully published 120 Books, 35 published authors’ solo books and counting.

The People and organizations who worked with us reviewed us as the best in the market! We care about our clients, we are always available for them to dedicate our sincere work in front of them, we pledged that we never disappoint our client, we always serve our clients in best deals!

As soon we will start broad online available on our web-based portal, so stay tuned with us, we will provide you varieties of customized services where you can get the best deals for book publishing.

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We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best result.

Divya Trivedi


Her Name is Divya Trivedi. She is from Mumbai. She is pursuing BSc in Chemistry. She is co author of 100+ anthologies,  Compiler of more than 14 books And Author of one book named as ” The Beauty Of Quotes ” And Now She is a Founder Of SGSH Publications. SGSH itself Spread Goodness, Spread Happiness . She is living for SGSH Mission only. For daily quotes, you can follow her on Instagram @divyatrivediii. 

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Rajasekhar TMK


Tumula Mani Kota Rajasekhar alias RajasekharTMK is from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. He received his BE in Electronics and communication Engineering from Sathyabama University in 2019. During that time, he entered into the field of research along with education and published several research papers in various international journals. He received “Student of the year” from Sathyabama University for all his contributions in the field of Research and Engineering. He was also awarded with Best Researcher from IRC Chennai for his exemplary work in this period.
Later he started working as an Engineer and also continued his research parallelly. He was also very much interested in literature. During this time, he published his first book “Bharateeya Samskruthika Nrutya Kalalu” on Indian Culture and Classical Dances and within no time he published another book named “111 thoughts to realize the reality”.
He was awarded with various national and International awards for his contributions in the fields of research and literature. “Sahithya Rathna” and “Kalam Rathna” were some of the memorable achievements in his journey. Along with them he entered into other fields like photography and Art. He received various records like “Guinness Book Of Records”, “India Book Of Records” and “OMG Book of Records” as a token for his interests in various fields.



Gauri 17 year old an enthusiastic girl who will never disappoint you with her work , or with her attitude towards her seniors and teammates , being an army brat she is filled with punctuality and discipline. 

She is currently in 12th grade and wants to be a diplomat in near future!!

Divyanshu Maurya

Management Head

His Name is Divyanshu Kumar maurya. He is from Ayodhya Uttar Pradesh. He is pursuing BSc Agriculture. Currently working as Managing Director Of SGSH Publications.

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Sayan Pathani

Interviewer & Singing group’s Judge

Sayan Pathani is a published author of more than 5 books. He writes generally on love. ‘Best Friends’ is the name of book, which generally signifies him. He is poet by nature. More than 1000 poems are available at various platforms. He is a person of progressive thinking. He often love to spread his ideas and thoughts through various platforms. Despite of being a physicist he is poet first. He is an Author Interviewer in Spread Happiness Spread Goodness Publication.

Mradul Sachan


Mradul Sachan is a 18 year Author, Youtuber and Podcaster from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.His book- TREATY OF PARDON was ranked under 10k in amazon sale rank.His book highlights the experience of love from its soaring peaks to its lonely valleys.He is the founder and host of the podcast- THE MRADUL SACHAN SHOW-fuelled by the hustlers of India (streaming worldwide on all major podcast platforms and YouTube Channel- Mradul Sachan).He is also the founder and CEO of podcast- The Audio Town (available on all podcast platforms). He has won more than 20 certificates in various competitions.He organizes online open mic to provide a chance to learn, to figure out what crowds may or may not respond, and to understand what one personally need to work on. He loves taking part in debates and has a keen interest in public speaking. He is moving forward on his self quote – Differently Unique.

Sheethal. G


Sheethal. G, an aspiring writer, an over thinker who considers it as a gift. She expresses her feelings best with ink and weave beautiful free verses that are thought provoking. Her imaginary world lies beneath the dark ink scribbling on white paper where her unspoken opinions come alive. She draws the stories of the world to inspire and bring up positivity. She love to spread happiness around her. She believes in “Whatever happens, it’s for good.” Her motive in life is “To be kind.”


Anthology Head

Jananiravi completed her under graduation in commerce and now she is pursuing her MBA. Writing is her hobby and she writes short poems and quotes. She believes in “Everything happens for a reason” and that is how her whole writing journey started. Now she is the Co-author of more than 70 anthologies. And also, she is a compiler of 10 anthologies. Proud to say she is a Founder of her own Publication which is the Unit under SGSH Publication. Always thankful to Divya Trivedi mam for giving her this great Opportunity. You can get connected with her Instagram Id @the_little_writer__ where u will find her poetries. E-mail Id: jananijaanu50@gmail.com

Aisha Aliyu Ammani

Motivational Group Handler

Aisha Aliyu Ammani well known as She Speaks. A young lady who believes that in life nothing is impossible, it’s simply a matter of time


Manuscript maker

“When you feel you cannot move ahead anymore push yourself just one step further.”

A bibliophile with a natural eagerness to learn new things, Adrija enjoys writing, music, dancing, acting, event management, Communications and Public Relations. An international award winning recently published poet, she has established herself in the national and international Model United Nations (MUN) circle. Being an empathetic soul, Adrija loves to take care of stray animals and devotes much of her time to social services. She has worked with several magazines and youth organisations across the globe and is an ardent and committed activist in the field of advocacy against Period Poverty and Education Inequity.

Adrija is not just a creative artist, but also a creative activist, as sge channelises her creative interest and energy to raise her voice about issues she’s passionate about, and empowers to speak out for themselves.

Devanshi Shah

Content Writer & English Proof Reader

Devanshi Shah is a Poet, Writer, Bookworm and daydreamer. She writes poems with the ink of emotions, and quill of mind. She is also a co-author of the Amazon Published Anthology Hinted Reality and Faith – The final and only door to life. Currently, she is pursuing a bachelor of arts and doing her job as a professional content writer.

Bishakha Kumari

Judge Of Hindi Writing

I Bishakha Kumari Saxena hails from Bihar , India , and I am passionate about writing , oratory, podcasting , painting , cooking and open mics ,exploring people and their creativity and hence I’m still learning to uplift my talent in national and international levels. I have won several accolades in cooking , writing , open mics and painting competitions for the past few years. And I always stand for the rights of all on social issues extending my hand for instilling strength and comfort. I have completed 50+ anthologies and I am acclimating all odds to uplift my talent in podcasting, voice over artist. I am strong and a confident individual who battles all odds to enrich life and devotes time to generate peace and friendship in the world.

Meera Gopalakrishnan

Judge of English Writing

Meera Gopalakrishnan published a novel Seven Vows(under the pen name Shruthi ) and two short stories Second Chance and The Forgiveness I seek as Meera. She has also co authored 53(28 as Shruthi,25 as Meera) anthologies so far. She is an active member of 6 writing communities and an English Judge in three writing communities. She is currently into Podcasting also.Before becoming a writer, she was working in IT industry. She loves Indian mythology, culture and Indian history and interested in weaving stories around that. She has an active profile in Wattpad shruthiravi13 and her insta id is mira_g_pai


Judge of Artist’s Group

She goes by the name Preekha. She started writing her thoughts just some time ago. Living in  a city watching the sleepless city awake while growing up inspired her to be a writer. Yet, she was an unknown somebody who yearned to heal everyone with her writings. So now she has started her journey towards penning down her thoughts. Hope you all will join her in this new journey of escaping from reality.
Instagram id: your_writers_world

Aarna jain

Judge of Dancer’s Group

She is Aarna jain who hails in the city of meerut. She is a logophile as well as cynophile who continues writing a lot of poems and stories and have lots of love towards dogs. Being a proud student of K.L international school she is the co-author of more than 20 anthologies ,and is now successfully an author of her own anthology ‘DARK REALITY’. You can get connected with her through her
mail id: jainaarna4me@gmail.co

Sanjana Somani

Judge of Dancer’s group

Sanjana Somani is a girl who is always ready to help everyone. She always try to make everyone Happy. She like to write. She respect everyone. She always want to see that her country INDIA is on High between any other countries. She like to watch information regarding army & current affairs. She is a girl who have her own quality.


Singing group’s Judge

Hey readers!
This is Crystal!
A logophile, melomaniac and a troglodyte…
He describes his feelings in what he pens
You can get connected to him @ mecrystal171@gmail.com
He has some of his feelings penned on his instagram handle @shelftonss_07…

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