Best Educational Countries Around The World

by :- Preeksha

As we all know education is the best way to have a bright future in our life. Most the countries invest more in their education sector than any other sector. When we talk about education, some countries provide the best education system in the world. These countries also welcome international students with open arms. Below is the list of the top 5 educational countries in the world:

1) the United States
Home to universities like Harvard, Oxford, Yale, MIT etc USA is one of the tops ranked educational countries in the world. With an education index of 0.900 USA provides several opportunities to international as well as domestic students by encouraging them to study in their field of interest. It is one of the most preferable countries for education by international students.

2) Germany
The education index for Germany is 0.914. Primary and secondary education is compulsory for children in Germany from age 6 until they complete 9-year full-time schooling at Gymnasium or 10 years of full-time years for other general education schools. It has some of the oldest universities and is home to many international students studying there.

3) Britain
Britain has an education index of 0.896. With proper education system is divided into 4 parts starting with primary, secondary, further education and higher education at last. It also provides good scholarships for international students to study there. Moreover, it is compulsory for children from 5 y/o till 16 y/o to get an education. Like other educational countries, Britain has the best available resources for education.

4) Canada
Canada is very strict about the education of its people. That’s the reason the countries have a state-run system of public education, one that is provided, funded and administered by federal, provincial and local governments. Besides, it welcomes all the international students because of its best education system. With an education index of 0.890, Canada has the 4th best education system globally.

5) France
The 5th best educational country is France. It has planned compulsory education for children up to 16 years of age. The education system is divided into 3 parts: elementary, secondary and higher education. As France has an inflexible educational system that gives teachers the full authority to groom students with the best educational resources. With its beauty and best education, France is a preference for most the interested students in fashion or designing field.

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