Imagination – The Key To Better Living

Do you think the wizarding world of Harry Potter would exist without the author’s imagination? Maybe not. Maybe yes. But we all know that the imaginations that are created in our mind when we read Harry Potter, hit differently. We feel like we are away from this chaotic fast-paced world and started creating our own little world in our minds.

You might be wondering how this can be relatable to better living. Well, let’s clear up the air and see how imagination can make our life better and help us in creating good skills. Read on to know more:

1) Imagination Equals Creativity

When we talk about this fast-paced world we can’t forget that images can work wonders if you want to live a better personal as well as professional life. When you imagine, you have the power to see different outcomes and to take control of the things that might take you down. Although lots of imagination can lead to overthinking, a person who can imagine is considered to be the most creative person ever. People shine from outside when they start to imagine. Just think about how each and every living person’s imagination can create a creative world that we might have never thought about. This is the reason many philosophers and writers consider imagination to be equal to creativity.

2) Imagination Can Give Wings To Our Dreams

If your mind is powerful enough to dream then it can be powerful enough to have imagination too. Since we are on the topic of dreams let’s shed some light on, what is a dream? Well, when you see your favourite person or your Guru, you might start wondering, ‘I wish I can become a person like him/her when I grow up.’ This is called your imagination. Now when you imagine things like this your mind will automatically turn your imagination into a dream. Something that no human can live without. Dream and imagination are two different sides of the same coin. One cannot be complete without another.

3) Imagination Can Be Brain Booster:

Can you think about a world where there is no imagination in anyone’s mind? No, right? Imagination can make up half of our life. When you think about something or imagine something it will boost your brain and you will start feeling energetic. No matter what situation you are in, if you have the ability to imagine then you have the ability to make every situation positive. It works as a booster to our minds. Think about how many times you might have imagined a positive scenario and started working towards making it true. That’s the power of imagination. It can boost our brains in such a way that we will feel strong.

These are just a few important reasons that will help you in understanding how imagination is a key to better living. But dynamically, we can say that without imagination we can’t live the life we want to.

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