In this blog, we will tell you how writing can improve you in the best way. You might have read about the importance of writing somewhere or anywhere, right? But we will talk about writing like a human. A person who is there to save you without judgement whenever you need it. Let’s not blabber more and let’s dive into knowing how writing is a vital part of our life:

1) Writing Shows Best Version Of Yourself

Do you want to know how writing takes out the best version of yourself? Well, yes you might have a vague idea about what we are talking about. Sometimes you can’t handle the situation around you. You forget yourself. That’s when writing comes and saves you. You write a paragraph about how you feel and the next second you will feel relieved. This may sound a bit exaggerated but writing shows who you really are, without those unwanted feelings. To have a start. Try writing in a journal for a few days. Believe it, you will write the most honest thoughts about yourself when you are writing.

2) Writing Can Be Your Partner

Don’t have friends/family who can guide and understand you? We have got the best solution for you. Writing. Yeah, that’s right. Once you indulge in writing you will never feel alone, you will never feel neglected, you will never feel unwanted. If you feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to, just take out a quill and a sheet of paper. Write down what you want to talk about, your issues, your happiness, your sadness, everything. You will never feel alone after that.

3) Writing Improves Your Communication

Are you one of those shy cookies, who gets nervous and uneasy to tell something to someone? Well, you ain’t the only one. So, as you can’t put your feelings into words, writing is the only thing that will improve your communication skills. After all, that was the way we humans communicated before we got these digital devices in our hands, right?

4) Writing Stabilises Your Mental Health

In this post-pandemic era, everyone is going through a rough time. No matter how happy they look from outside but internally everyone is going through some issues that devours them. Anxiety and depression have become a part of everyone’s routine. Are you one of those people who go through these things and still put on a mask of happiness on your face? Well, you don’t have to because writing is here to save you as always. You write what you are going through on a sheet of paper and you won’t feel judged by it unlike the surroundings around you. When you don’t feel judged your mental health will improve satisfyingly.

5) Writing Organises Your Thoughts Better

Sometimes you can’t pick out the thoughts you have in your mind especially in this post-pandemic era, when everyone is busy focusing on outranking everyone, no matter how close they are. So, there might be times you might have lots of thoughts inside your amazing brain. You don’t know how to pick one and think about why you are thinking about it. Confused, right? Well, that’s where the writing helps you. When you write down your thoughts, you will know what is important and what is not. You will stop being confused about everything when you write everything.

We can conclude by saying, “Writing is a friend, a partner, a family that can keep us under its wings without judgement.”

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