How to prepare a perfect manuscript for an anthology?

How to make a perfect manuscript?

So the main part of publishing an anthology includes a perfect manuscript. An author would’ve wrote an amazing write-up, but only the manuscript will decide how it is going to reach the readers. The way it looks in a page, the way the whole book is made, the way you readers enjoy reading the book in a good flow it all depends upon the manuscript. Manuscript is not just a simple one step process so I will try and explain on how to make one in short.

Step 1: Share your mail Id with the publisher and get the google document access
Step 2: Copy and paste the write-ups on a ms word file
Step 3: Align the write-ups in the desired page layout and do give page breaks
Step 4: Work on fonts, bold, italic styles
Step 5: Make sure you add every pic within borders and in perfect resolution
Step 6: Don’t do too much make it look simple and neat
Step 7: Read the write-up line by line and make the necessary changes that includes changing spelling errors, grammatical errors.
Step 8: Check for plagiarism.
Step 9: Add index
Step 10: Add publication introduction pages first pages formats everything
Step 11: Do a final check from top to bottom
Step 12: Save at least 2 copies of word and covert and save a pdf file
Step 13: The pdf file is good to go, ready to get published.

Always make sure, to listen to writers how they want the book to look like after all each book is a writer’s dream and do follow the formats that each publication follow.

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