New Beginning – By writers of SGSH


By Prabha Iyer
Instagram – @Vidyasagarprabhaa

Every day of our life is a new beginning,
Depends on us how we complete the timely inning..
Ever day we rise to become much better and more wise,
Like every day the duty of sun is accomplished by its set and rise..
Beginning of any good thing has never an end,
As it should continue with consistency in us the reminder it sends..
My steps towards success is ongoing,
Day to day about this, to my mind I keep reminding..
The hardwork that pays off well to me,
The more vigilant and humble I need to be..
Everyday is a learning lesson,
To me it is a great blessing..
The mistake that we make becomes our experience,
The same not to repeat is the lesson of essence..
Be determined and march towards your target,
Perfection will always earn you respect..
Some say, doing different things will fetch us reward,
But I strongly believe in doing things differently, that will earn us award..
Concentrate on your goal to achieve success,
Avoiding procrastination will get rid of your stress..
Every day is a new incredible chapter,
Learn it now or you will be never able to after..
Everyday is a learning by everyone for everyone from and with everyone..


Instagram – @muthukumaranp1

A New Beginning

Any new beginning in life should be refreshing.

Any new beginning in human life usually begins with nervousness and fear. Apart from that, she continued with perseverance and self-confidence, and success was sure. Fear and hesitation can lead to failure till the end of life.

Starting fresh is good or bad and once our minds are set it is very difficult to break away from it. Therefore, before starting a task, it is better to start with a clear mind.

The end of anything is beautiful only if the beginning is special. First of all, Angular is absolutely Angular.


By Smitha Satyen
Instagram – @enigm_a7475


How funny can life be
Turning upside down
When you least expect it
A cycle of good and bad
Pulling you down sometimes
Sometimes hurling you to the top
Rarely do you get to catch your breath
Of hope and despair theres no dearth
Justvsit back and enjoy the roller coater ride
Keeping your worries to your side
Dont keep sulking on things that didn’t work
Pull up your socks and stride ahead
Yesterdays are just past innings
Its never ever late for new beginnings


By Mohammad Saif Ahmed

My life is new and gallant

The day is new and gallant
And every dew anew,
The realm is flooded with radiance,
And life is splilling new.

Under the evergreen silhouette
I hold my life in daze,
My life is new and gallant
And overflowing with this grace.


By Hemapriya.M

It is just a beginning…

Everyday is a new day. Everyone’s starts with either good vibes or bad vibes. Everything in the life has it’s own positive and negative things. It depends on how we take or see or accept the things which happens in our day to day life by seeing it in a positive aspect of life. Everyone can be optimistic by taking good in everything rather than thinking about the negative aspect. Positivity creates the world around you in a better way. If you start loving your environment by your positive attitude, you will be enjoying everyday and every moment in life to gain new experiences. Live the moment of every new beginning.


By Ankita Choudhary
Instagram – @akita72_

7th November 2022

Today was my Anthe 2022 Exam. For what I was waiting for so eagerly for the past 1 month. Since I heard about this. No, not for scholarships or cash. But to see my level. I’m NEET Aspirant. I love science so much. Especially physics and Biology. Chemistry is also easy for me. But I have to do a lot of practice. And for chemistry, I have to give more time than physics and chemistry. Currently, I’m in 10th STD. But with so much curiosity. I am waiting for when I will hold the NCERT Book and will learn new things about Science. Because that is the only thing what I think who really understands me.

I heard this term ‘Anthe’ when my mid-term exam were going. Due to my mental illness. I was not able to study during my mid-term exam. That’s why was doing timepass in mobile rather than revising it. I had one month but due to some reasons I started prepartion from one week ago. I had already studied some chapters. But few were still have to study. I literally finish all the syllubas of Anthe just in one week with revising but still, half chapter was left over.

Exam timing was 10Am to 7PM. In morning we have school we all know. So, I thought to give on 5’0 clock. It has duration of one hour. 35 Questions; 1 hour. I come to home by 1’0 Clock usually. Yesterday, I remembered that I have extra lecture. Means at least 4’0 Clock till. Well, it depends on teacher how long she will teach. But Yeah! Till 4’0 Clock. I thought, Okay! I will attend. But in morning I remembered that the appointment of dentist is there. And my dentist’s timing is fix. Come by 5’0 Clock otherwise forget this month. Like a strict teacher. I started overthinking. Because I wanted to attend the Extra Lecture, have to go to dentist and want to give Exam as well as. I prayed to God to cancel the Extra Lecture.

God listened my prayer and cancelled the Extra Lecture due to absent of that teacher. I thanked to God. Came to Home by 1’0 Clock. Did Lunch, revised all. And started giving Exam on 3:00 PM. It was Online

My syllubas was physics, chemistry, Biology and Mental Ability. Physics and Chemistry I gave but my confidence loosed a little bit. But then came the Biology came and I gave all answers of Question correctly. And then mental ability and it was over on 4:00 PM. I was happy because that was Good or you can say Okay-Okay!

I searched the answers of all Questions in Google. My head bends towards floor. Because I saw my weaknesses. The Exam was so easy. But due to ignoring the small things; my marks became small.

I realized my all mistake in physics and chemistry. Actually, I was shocked that I don’t know this small small knowledge about Physics and Chemistry. But rather than being sad, mournfully, having self-doubt and overthinking.

I realized and started improving. I started my New Dawn. That Exam didn’t showed my weaknesses. But my mistakes and guided me for my bright future and shining dreams.


Instagram – @hannah_592


When there’s a end
Comes a new beginning,
Celebrate the endings
For they proceed to new beginnings.

Every sunset is an opportunity
For a reset
Another day, another morning
Another awaiting opportunity!

The light of a new day
Enlightens my soul,
Draws away the black bygone-
Brings the white ungone

Awaken your drowned soul
Mend the broken heart
Cure the scar
A new arousal lies ahead!

To smell the winter
Spring is inevitable
Thanking the end
For a new beginning

She turned her life
Into a new chapter
For a new beginning!!


By Aruna.S
Instagram – @aruna_saravanan


The me now is frail.
I needed you for support,
But you were the one who made me weaker.
This isn’t the me I wanted –
It’s the me you made.
I want to break out of the shell you surrounded me with.
I want to break free!

I’m capable of it –
Creating the new me
Here I raise from my ashes
To start my new beginning!
Watch me fly high
Watch me shine, my beloved.


By R.Madhumitha

New Beginning

I met with accident for delayed happiness for truth
I planted a pose
I gave my selfie pose to my American granny
I met with a big celebrity
I started my cooking in house for first time
I just missed a bite with hunter dog
As it was the first time for the dog to touched by someone


By Richa Goswami

Beginning of a day

Sun gives a news of beautiful morning
Moon is falling down , stars cover in blanket of sunshine
Rooster wakes up and starts crowing
Owl is going to sleeping
Birds get up and  ready to flying
Cool breeze touches the leaves and swinging
Bud’s open their eyes and become flowering
Monkey cames in garden and start chattering
Squirrel eat nuts and squeaking
Birds melodious singing


By Vipin V. Kamble
Instagram – @poetic_essence_with_colors

New Beginning

Every end has a start,
Someone has to start from somewhere,
Not everything that ends will ever vanish,
Every dried seed comes back to life once the season comes,
Every Spring brings new life,
It comes back with a new shape and new shine,
It starts afresh at Dawn,
It’s the New beginning that starts.
Brings joy and happiness to every face.


By Subharanjani Nehru
Instagram – @writers_words_ever

New beginning

We get morning by sun and nights by moon so there is no end it goes on in the same routine. Like wise failures are the stepping stones so don’t give up when you fall. There is a new beginning waiting to give you another chance. Start from first. New beginning make one stronger and confident.


By Preeti Thakur


Each Passing moment of every single day, 24/7 all thirty days round the year ; live life as if it’s the last day of your life.
Don’t let it “Waste” in regret or self pity.
Don’t let it”Pass” in only thinking about others.
Don’t let it “GO”without having sense of achievement.
Don’t let it “Erase” all your happy emotions .
Don’t let it “Change” without any Celebration .
Catch hold of all your Pleasant moments. Just be like a child who never takes any stress and always enjoys his life. Always be in a state of bliss and accept every Situation of life the way they come your way.

If one can start living life this way then that’s the “New beginning” for a better and fulfilling life ahead.


By Aayush Khanna

Mother, considered to be an incarnation of almighty
No matter what, she can never be flighty
The journey of motherhood is so graceful
And we need to be grateful

Month 1
Beginning of motherhood when the baby is an embryo
A lot of precautions needed from eating on time to walking slow

Month 2
Developing the little embryo’s body parts
No matter what, they are still close to mom’s heart
Providing their baby with a healthy environment
And hence sacrificing her enjoyment
Eating healthy and sleeping early
Anxious to hold their baby eagerly

Month 3
Baby’s gestures are felt
That is the time when a mother’s heart melts
Going to the gynecologist for an ultrasound test
Smiling from outside and from inside she is depressed
Going to market to buy some clothes
But what she was going through only she knows

Month 4
Her baby can swallow, suck and make a fist
And she started gathering necessary things by making a list
A new feeling like she is in paradise
No more excuses she follows her doctor’s advice

Month 5
Get ready to feel the moment of another life
Now she is going to be someone’s mother soon before someone’s wife
Responsibilities will be doubled and double the challenges
Along with the room Architecture lifestyle also changes

Month 6
Baby can hear you know
Its like waao
But this is just the beginning of the motherhood test
Soon someone is going to arrive as a little guest

Month 7
The baby can kick, stretch and respond to sound
How many days are left, she keeps a count
Prepare from now for her hospital stay
The pain she will go through, no one can ever pay

Month 8
The baby may be moving into a place of birth
Soon he will arrive to see this fascinating earth
She is preparing herself for life’s new race
And going to bear the pain with the smiling face

Month 9
Finally, the time arrived so soon
For which she was waiting every night and noon
She is blessed with a little child
And looking at him she smiled!


By K. Priyadharshini
Instagram – @dharshu_empress28

New Beginnings – Taking the First Step

Life is all about new beginnings..
Every effort we take to learn something new increases our knowledge,
Every step we take to move forward makes us courageous,
Every little thing we sacrifice to help others makes us kind,
Everytime, when we try to write about something can mould us as a writer,
Don’t afraid to keep your first step,
It could lift you upon a big stage.
Finally, A pen can make your dreams happen.


By Vinotha
Instagram – @vi_no123

My blindness in love had passed away.
My tears no longer exist.My interior wounds are healed.
I restart again ,with a bright smile
I feel my inner child go back to being happy.
I saw sun, with hopefully like kalidasa
Mistakes give me strength.
I am born again in a NEW BEGINNING.


By Akshaya S R
Instagram – @speak_lettering

Birth of parents

A day is a birthday not only for the soul
But also for couple behind the birth;
The day for which a couple waits for
Since their confession of true love.
Day when a woman give birth to a baby
After nine months is birth of a mother;
The very day when a man rushes to
Calling a new born as his second love
Is when a father is born to this world.
The new beginning of love and hope,
Sprouted from the seed of warm passion.



New Beginning

Every day is a new beginning. So begin everything with a great hope of your
confidence. Beginning new things will make you to explore more in this world and it will make you to get more knowledge about that,  and it will increase your confidence level more. So don’t hesitate to start anything new. New Beginning will lead you to a New Life.


By Ann V
Instagram – @varkeyann


Life’s swirling book
Craving a new beginning
A sad or happy ending
leading to a new beginning.
Forgiving the past
Dwelling in the present
Dreaming of the future
Auguring the best.
Wishing for a chance
Expressing joy
Waiting for the sunshine
demonstrating one’s power
Clouding pathways.
Striving for a change
Energizing the soul
Obtaining the comfort.
Awaiting a new rhythm
Refreshing the heat
Quitting the wandering drift
Awaiting a new beginning.


By Pavithra Srinivasan
Instagram – @Pavithra_Srinivasan_5225

New Beginning

New Beginning doesn’t only mean the beginning of a journey but beginning of everything includes happiness

with love
Urs dreamer


Instagram – @dheebiga25


It’s a new beginning for her.
No more knee length skirts or shorts will be allowed.
She starts hearing words like pads, tampon, menstrual cups from her own mother.
She sits down idle in a corner.
Her mind full of riddles to ponder.
She cries, weeps; on hearing one of the relatives saying “No more you’ll belong here”
That pain is more than the cramps she should persevere.
It’s a new beginning for her:
She has attained puberty.
She entered womanhood.


By Tracy Nyamasoka

I am a rising soul

A new dawn ,
an early morning star .
rising sun to outshine darkness.
I’ve been in the dark for long ,I stu
mbled and fall million times, I’m fil
led with vengeance and covered w
ith dust.
it’s time to get up , shake up and gi
ve them a beafiting reply.
I’ve cried enough , they loughed an
d called me a loser , but little did t
hey know ,all those mistakes and
pain had made me stronger than e
ver before.i ready for a new chapt
er ,new dreams and stories becau
se even if I fall million times ,I will
still get up , shake up and move fo is my new beginning ,
a new page to write my new story .


By Sanjana Rawat

“Vrindavan ” every morning new begining

Every morning new beginning
As sunrises , girls went on with their pots,
Near the yamuna river to fetch water ,
As soon the crowd emerges in the valley ,
It feels that he will be arriving any
second ,
And all the Vrindavan would be lost in his Basuri .

How easily he would broke the pots ,
And stole the Maakhaan ,
Relaxing under the dark canopies ,
How melody to hear him .

If still now one visits Vrindavan ,
The water of Yamuna river mesmerize’s
Him of all the beautuiful events .

~ Love


By Riddhima Sen
Instagram – @riddhimasen16

New Beginning
There is always a new beginning,
To every sunset.
There is a silver lining behind each dark cloud;
Which shines brighter than all the darkness which is dominant.

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