Photography ( Capture Every Moment)

As we all know, time never turns back. One day everything will remain as a memory. Memories are like a mountain. The more we grow, the more memories we create. Capturing something for the future is called photography.

Photography is like a window. Every time we need to open and see our past, we can open the window that means photos. Most People were not aware of photography before, but nowadays everyone captures every moment of life. Whenever they feel happy or sad because we know the same moment will never come again.

Photography is not only useful for memories, but also for our important documents. There was a time when we had to print everything out and if we wanted that document we had to go to that place, but now, with the help of photography, without having to go anywhere with our only smartphone, we can keep records of manage each document. So ultimately, photography saves our time. So how to use the time that is in our hands, but every a single second is important. Many people think that photography is an art and not everyone can be an artist. I’m sorry but that’s the wrong quote.

Yes, it is an art, but everyone learns it. Learning is a continuous process in every phase of life. It’s okay if you can’t click on a perfect photo, but you should try. Like anything, we can learn by continuously capturing moments, and consistency will bring you results.

Photography is about sharing the feelings and capturing moments. Some of us don’t realize how important photography is. I don’t think there is a specific photography course, but photography is still very important. Some photographs were sold at a higher price. People are willing to pay thousands of rupees to buy good photos to decorate office or home.Good photos also give peace of mind.

So let’s end today’s blog with one quote

Capture every moment of your life because We don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

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