Power Of Worship

When everything goes wrong or the worst situation lies ahead, there is only one thing that will help us and that is prayer. Prayer means not blindly trusting the invisible power or false belief. Prayer is when we say some good things about our God. As we chanting the name of God, our heart will be at peace. In fact, when we cannot chant the mantras and just sit in front of the temple or in a quiet place, at that moment we feel delighted, happy, grateful and all positive feelings arise.That’s the Power Of Worship.

We don’t have to do great things to have a peaceful mind. If we can worship our work, our elders, our God, that’s a kind of Blessing. When we experience our work as worship and the elders as worship, then we can truly feel the power of worship. So let’s end this blog with a daily worship routine so that we can feel that power every day.

1. Chanting some mantras

2. Before starting the daily work worship of our Goddess Laxmi.

3. Before studying the worship of Goddess Saraswati.

4. Before doing anything new or making a decision, ask our elders for permission, that’s also a form of worship.

The power of worship is magical. The magic happens when we start using this on a daily basis. It’s hard to find peace or positivity in this world, but through worship we can spread positivity around the world.

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Yesss that’s absolutely right..also i can feel it . because this my daily routine doing chanting 108times.and it’s really gives us some relaxation.

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