Buddhist Tradition & Stories of lord Buddha


2017 to 2019 was a time for me when there was no meaning in my life. Due to health issues I had quit my job. I was facing a lot of stress & anxiety. I had almost lost hope that things will get better. Life showed me the path of Vipassana [The way Gautam Buddha lived his life is called Vipassana]. I attended Vipassana courses at Titwala and Igatpuri of 10 days each. I can’t believe the miracle that happened to me during the courses and the changes that happened in my life after the courses. It was like a rebirth for me. Till now, I have attended these 10 days Vipassana Courses 4 times. I started looking at the life with completely new perspective. Life feels more Peaceful and Happy. After a while, I started conducting Yoga training and this brought me success. The mind state of Vipassana transformed my life.

Each of us faces many difficult situation in our lives where the power of our routine activities helps us the least. At such times, this book and the thoughts of Buddha shared in it will help you calm yourself and attend a problem solving mindset.

This book showcases… Traditions of Buddha, The art of Vipassana meditation, Stories of Lives of Buddha, Explanation of Symbols of Buddhism, Mudras of Buddhism, etc.


Book Name : Buddhist Tradition & Stories of lord Buddha

Author’s Name : Pallavi Jeethan

Bind : Paperback


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