Some Beneficial Ways For Writing A Good Story

We all feel connected to some stories when we read stories. Have you ever wondered how these stories are written? How can a writer write a story that can be relatable to readers? Well, although it’s not easy to write something relatable to everyone, every writer has their own ways to create impactful stories. We have noted down some of the beneficial ways to write a good story (long or short story). You can scroll down below to know more:

1) Think Like Its Your Own

Writing a good story is never easy. But if you make it your own, like you are a part of that story and you imagine feeling every emotion of that story then you will come up with some amazing ideas for writing lines and dialogues of the story. Every story has its own story, right? Then why not make it your own and write like you are present in it and feel every emotion that you never felt before?

2) Select Good Names

Names have power that cannot be described. While you are writing a story make sure to have a good name of chapters, characters and stories that can create curiosity in the reader’s mind. Your story will be halfway through being popular when you select good names for it. You can search for good names by reading something or from the people or places around you.

3) Make A Mind Map Of Your Story

Since childhood we have been taught to make a mind map of what we learned when we have exams. Same goes for writing a story because once you get an idea of what kind of story you are going to write then you can create a mind map of the story step by step. From constructing plots to writing an epilogue you can create a clear mind map of everything you need to include in the story. This will help you write a pure story of the first thoughts you had when you thought about writing a story.

4) Take Notes From Your Surroundings

Your stories are a part of your surroundings. You knowingly or unknowingly write what you see and feel from the people and places around you. So, whenever you are planning to write a story then you can start by writing about what you feel from the atmosphere around you. This will make your story more natural.

5) Think Like A Reader

Writing a story with your own thoughts and viewpoints will make your stories better but when you write a story from the reader’s point of view then you can figure out what readers would like to read. For this, first you have to draft a story of your own and then read it from the reader’s POV. If you think there are some changes that will make your story more engaging then you can change it without hesitation.

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