Some Cool & Informative Facts On Thursday:

by :-Devanshi

When you are reading this topic, you will be like what can be so cool about Thursdays? Well, everyday has its own importance. Just think about if not for Thursdays how will we be able to get that mid weekend vibes? How can we feel the week is almost coming to end without Thursdays. So, we here to shed some light on Thursdays and its facts:

1) Thursday is traditionally the fifth day of the week.

2) On average, a year has 52 Thursdays. Years that start on a Thursday usually have 53 Thursdays.

3) Leap years must have a Thursday in the first 2 days of the year to have 53 Thursdays.

4) Most Thursday origins relate to it being the fourth day of the week. Some of the names for Thursdays in other languages are Alhamisi (Swahili), Csutortok (Hungarian), Persembe (Turkish), and Dydd Lau (Welsh).

5) In Thailand Thursday is a very important day of the week. It is considered Teacher’s Day and gratitude from students is expected each week.

6) It is the day when people graduate in Thailand, and superstition states that an educational course should begin on a Thursday.

7) It is said that Thursday is the best day to start a new habit, because Thursday is less busy with competing priorities than the beginning of the week because technically it is almost the weekend.

8) In the European country of Estonia it is common for people to take Thursday off of work. It is also believed that some Estonians retreat to the forest to sing and dance all through Thursday night in a tradition called the “Evenings of Tooru.”

9) People born on Thursday are ruled by the God Jupiter and are said to be good advisors and teachers. They are also known to have a straight-forward attitude. 10) The Thai Solar Calendar is known to represent each day of the week by a color. For Thursday, the color is orange. Orange is a very important color in Thai and Buddhist culture, as monks wear orange robes to symbolize the flame of a burning fire and as a symbol of truth.

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