Some Interesting Facts On Aurora Lights

Some Interesting Facts On Aurora Lights

1) Aurora Lights a.k.a Northern Lights are caused by sun and through that the lights occur in earth’s atmosphere. It lies millions of kilometres away.

2) Aurora Lights are only visible in the dark but sometimes they occur at any point of the day.

3) The lights occur in an oval-shaped band around the poles.

4) The first aurora photograph was taken more than 125 years ago by German physicist and astronomer Otto Rudolf Martin Brendel (1862–1939) who took the first known photograph of the aurora borealis.

5) Just like northern lights there are also southern lights but it is seen far less than the northern lights.

6) If you want to look forward to having the brightest and clearest view of aurora lights, the closer you are to the north side of the Earth, the better. The Arctic is considered the perfect place for observing the northern lights.

7) The most spectacular Northern Lights in recent recorded history are considered those from the “Great geomagnetic storm” on 28 August and 2 September 1859.

8) Several towns that are famous for their great conditions for watching the Northern Lights. In North America, the aurora tourism capital is Yellowknife (Northwest Territories, Canada), while Tromso (Northern Norway) for Europe.

9) Two Northern Lights can never be the same. They are always of different patterns and colors.

10) Green is the most common color of all auroras. Then it is pink, a mixture of green and red, followed by pure red, yellow and finally blue.

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