Some Tips on Improving Your Handwriting Skills

Remember those days when we used to get scolded for not having good handwriting? Well, those days are no more. But as we all know a person’s overall definition of character also includes how that person writes. In this digital world we have a habit of typing but writing is also a part of life. Having good handwriting is a talent but maintaining it is a skill. So, below are some tips on how to keep improving your handwriting skills. Read on to know more:

1) Write Slowly

Its not easy to write something at a fast pace and still have good handwriting. If you want to improve your handwriting skills then you have to write slowly but in a precise way. It’s not like you have to lag behind others but once you develop a habit of writing slowly then you will willingly increase your speed even without knowing. This way your speed will also increase in a slow way and your handwriting will also improve.

2) Pick Out Good Pen

Many people might not believe this but a pen or pencil can also play an important role in having or not having a good handwriting. Usually it depends on what type of pen or pencil your hand can handle. So, once you decide to improve your handwriting you need to check out what type of pen/pencil is suitable for you. Then you can see improvements in your handwriting.

3) Keep Doodling

In this digital world where every work and study is done digitally, sometimes we may forget how to write or hold a quill(yeah, that happens!). We all have a habit of typing and doing our work but if you want to keep your handwriting stable then you have to keep doodling everyday even when your work is digital. Write something on paper no matter what. Even if it’s your random thoughts you need to keep doodling if you want to have good handwriting.

4) Keep Right Posture

Right posture of writing on paper is sitting straight and keeping your writing hand loose and burden free. If you want to have good handwriting you need to make sure you choose a proper place where you can sit and write comfortably. That’s the reason schools and colleges have benches for students, right? To keep their posture straight and write comfortably.

5) Don’t Panic

Once in a while everyone goes through a phase and thinks I used to have good handwriting, so why is my handwriting so bad now? Well, there is no need to panic for this. You can just calm your mind and keep making efforts to improve your handwriting. It’s not something that will stay for a lifetime. Your handwriting will improve when you make efforts so there is no need to panic if you find your handwriting bad someday.

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