Tips On Improving English Vocabulary & Writing Skills

Nowadays, English has become a basic universal language that is used everywhere. There are many people who love their national language or mother tongue so much that they might be uninterested in learning english. There are also some people who like to learn English vocabulary and writing but couldn’t find the right ways to improve their skills. So, we are here with some easy tips to learn English vocabulary and writing that within a month you will find that you have made so much progress in learning this skill. Scroll down to know more about these tips:

1) Watch English Movies

Many people think that learning english skills requires lots of enrollments in courses as well as classes. But if you really want to learn English in an easy and effective way then you can learn by watching some English movies. The best option is watching a few classics as well as fictional English movies. This way you will learn to speak english just like the other people talk to each other in english.

2) Keep A Diary With You

If you want to improve your English writing skills then you can always keep a pocket diary with you. Wherever you go you will find that there are many English sentences and words written everywhere. From billboards to people talking around you, you will find new english words everywhere and whenever you find that you can write it/them down in your diary and at the end of the day see how much progress you have made.

3) Watch Short Videos

If you are a busybody and still want to learn English vocabulary and writing then the best way is to watch short videos. By watching short English videos on some web series episodes or some English V-logs you will be able to learn the basics of English vocabulary because short videos will have the easiest English in it.

4) Read & Write Before Going To Bed

Whenever you go to sleep at the end of the day your mind will recreate the events of the whole day in your dreams directly or indirectly. So, before going to bed, read at least one page that is written in English aloud in your room or in front of the mirror. This will increase your confidence in speaking English vocabulary. As for writing, you can start writing at least 10 new English sentences before going to bed. This way you will succeed in both vocabulary as well as writing.

5) Listen To Some Music

Watching movies and short videos can make your English vocabulary good but by listening to English country music you will learn to listen in english. Some people might try to talk in english and they might succeed too but if one cannot listen to what other person is talking about in english then there is no use in learning english. You need to start jamming to some Adele, Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, Jonas Brothers’s etc songs so that you will learn vocabulary as well as your listening skills in english will also improve.

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