Writers corner publication was commenced on February 27th officially on Writer’s association which is an affiliate of SGSH publication. Its main motive is to publish more free anthologies and publish the best writings which has been never known to others. Basically, Writer corner publication’s Founder is a Tamil Girl so one of the other motives is to publish more good authors of her own state where many talents are not known to anyone, which is still hidden. And finally, thanks to Founder of SGSH for giving us this opportunity to shine in this writing world.

We provide the most unique services in the market with the speediest publication . We slaughter to gather.
We support young talent.
We are a team . We are black cats

Pushpa publication is a trusted publication. We providing writers a opportunity of publishing their own book, and featuring audiobooks. There are so many events to showcase your talent. “Take a step, we are with you”

UNITED LITERATES PUBLICATIONS situated in the indo french city of puducherry earlier vedapuri, in the name itself it shows the aim of it, the publication will be for the benefit of young writers,it will be empowering and developing the skills of young writers in the path of swami vivekananda ,sri aurabindo and mahakavo bharathiyar.

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