World Food Safety Day 2022 – A Day To Remember

by devanshi

Food is something that keeps all of us alive and well. There are two categories of food: Healthy and unhealthy. Both of these categories play a major role in the development of every living being’s life. While healthy food leads to better lifestyle, unhealthy food leads to torturous lifestyle because it affects our body a lot. That’s the reason WHO has established June 7 as World Food Safety Day.

This year the theme of this day is “Safer Food, Better Health”. According to WHO, ‘it is important to maintain the consumption of healthy food for better productivity’. Every country celebrates this day by organising food awareness events, plays or videos regarding the same.

While we are on the topic let’s learn something important about the food and it’s importance in our life:

– Healthy food is important for our mental and physical well being. From vitamins to carbohydrates, food is the only thing that is keeping everyone healthy and diseases free. Without healthy foods like fruits and vegetables we might not be able to live the carefree life we are living now.

– Bananas are the biggest source of calcium that helps in proper maintenance of our teeth.

– Green vegetables make our eyesight better and maintain blood circulation in our body.

– Cilantro is good for digestion and also soothes many common ailments such as headache, coughs and nausea.

– Onions are great antioxidants, containing anti-allergy, antiviral, and anti-histamine properties. Maximum health benefits are seen in raw or lightly-steamed onions.

– Healthy food can make our mood better and happy for a long time. So this is some information regarding World Food day. Hope you keep moving forward in your life with this helpful information you got on world food day

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